Avoid costly mistakes made by others...over 80% of used cars have problems that buyers overlook. (some major!)

Buying your teenager’s first car is an exciting and emotional experience.

But it'll be a real nightmare if you buy a bad car.

At Car For My Daughter we offer the tools you need to buy a safe and reliable car for your daughter (or son).

Car Evaluation DVD       Free Preview
Step-by-step visual walk-through teaching you how to evaluate the engine, transmission, and overall working condition of any used car.

Objective and proven techniques to detect hidden engine damage, a blown head gasket, problems not listed in Carfax or service records, and other issues that save you money and headaches.

Proven techniques to identify undetected damage from a wreck, flood, or poor maintenance.

Engine Test Kit       Learn More
There is only ONE full-proof way to test for hidden engine damage caused by overheating.

30% of the cars on the road today have hidden engine damage in the cooling system and it can go undetected by even the best mechanics.

It's possible to buy a “good” car, even one with low miles, that has engine problems.

Our Engine Test is a safe, reliable test that anyone can do. In minutes, a color change lets you know if there are hidden fluid leaks in the engine. It identifies damage that could cost you $100's if not $1000's of dollars in repairs.

Safety Products       Order Now
Teen driving safety has become a critical issue. With four daughters of our own, we know just how important it is!

We've selected the BEST American Made car related safety products in the industry, so you don't have to worry while your teen driver goes to school, work and activities.

We chose what's most important, like a dependable flashlight, sturdy multi-tool and the most service oriented roadside assistance company in the nation.

How much do you know about buying a USED CAR?
Take our quiz and find out now.

Click the video to learn more about the engine test.

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Top 20 Current Problem Trends, Last 90 Days
(Source: CarComplaints.com, July 2011)

  • 5013 reported buyer complaints: Typical Repair Costs $112-$3966
  • Car Makes reported: Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Nissan
  • Average Mileage: Most of the cars listed had less than 100,000 miles and were manufactured between 2001 and 2011.
  • Most problems received a “Severity Rating” of “Pretty Bad” to “Really Awful”
  • Issues reported: Transmission failure, brakes, engine, oil, coolant leaks, cracked panels, uncomfortable seat, broken fuel gauge.
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